Spatial Phase Imaging

    Photon-X Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI)
    Photon-X uses patented next-generation SPI technology which provides the ability to extract volumetric information via an innovative single aperture based 3D sensor using the newly exploited Spatial Phase Domain.

    The technology uses a single, enhanced camera and proprietary algorithms to read the spatial phase properties of electro-magnetic waves.  From this information, the system finds the 3D position and orientation of the surface area represented by each pixel.  


    The pixels are converted into surface facets with multiple polygons.  The result: millions of surface segments (each with a 3D position and orientation) are combined into a high resolution geometric 3D surface mesh. 



Advanced 3D Sensor Systems

Photon-X Innovative 3D SPI Sensors
At the core of Photon-X 3D technologies are a series of patented SPI sensors. [...] More..

These groundbreaking sensors have been developed to support a rich variety of operational configurations for integration into a myriad of high-end and consumer based digital cameras, surveillance systems and scanning platforms. These existing systems, once integrated, are enabled with highly specialized abilities to capture 3D SPI information which can be output as highly dense data sets such as normal vectors, high resolution 3D geometry and texture maps.

SPI Enabled Technology

3D Volumetrics
The visual representation of an object in 3 physical dimensions, as opposed to the planar dimension [...] More..

3D Biometrics
Methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits [...] More..

Methods utilizing nano technology to embed encrypted non-visible data into documents and tagging-teacking elements [...] More..

Non-Contact Measurement
Methods for volumetrically measuring and inspecting objects at a distance [...] More..


Company Information

Photon-X Specialized SPI Applications
Photon-X develops specialized software applications which interact, control and manipulate the enormous amount and variety of data produced by SPI sensor based systems.

Current efforts are focused on developing solutions to concerns in the following areas:

Law Enforcement, Security & Military:
Multi-modal biometric capture & analytics,
ID docs, tagging- tracking, secure access.
Arts & Entertainment:
3DTV, geometry & motion capture, CGI for animation & film production, sports analytics & broadcasting, interactive commerce. 
Quality control, shipping logistics, design,
inspection, prototyping, robotics.
Plastic surgery, prosthetics, orthotics, rehab,
enhanced imaging, dermatology, therapy.
Site-building surveys, visualization design
architectural design, structural inspection.
Autonomous navigation, enhanced vision, real world sensing for artificial intelligence.
Consumer Electronics:
Smart Phones, Media Tablets, Computers,
Cameras, Games.
Interactive Digital Signage (IDS):
IDS systems enable customer demographics,
emotions and other behaviors to be automatically understood by digital flat screen and digital walls systems. 

SPI 3D Sensor Based Technologies

3D Volumetric Systems
3D Biometric Verification Systems
Nanometric Encoding & Tagging
Non-Contact Measurement Applications