This video demonstrates several Photon-X SPI capabilities at once. The three subjects have been segmented apart based on angle thresholds, a technique that is possible only in systems that can detect true 3 Dimensional shape.

Once the subjects have been separated, it is possible to track and analyze them individually, as seen here. The moving subject is detected and tracked automatically, with his speed and position relative to the other subjects determined. His distance from camera is represented in the changing colors that he has been shaded. Photon-X software is capable of analyzing a crowd and detecting unusual movement, tracking individuals even as they move between other people and objects.

Using this type of detection and analysis, it is possible to quickly identify persons of interest in a crowded area, and to then passively begin other types of analysis using the same cameras. Gait and hostile intent detection, facial and biometric recognition, even emotional analysis can all be performed at distance and with no indication to the subject that they are under surveillance.

The raw volumetric data that our sensors acquire can be run through any number of different software processes, making it a one stop shop for biometric and security data collection.