This video is a technology capabilities demonstration of imagery captured using one unique, proprietary Photon-X spatial phase camera.

The volumetric head has a geometrical center of mass and we can locate the center of the axis at this center of mass so that we can track the position of the head motion.

This video demonstrates the ability to track the motions of multiple subjects simultaneously, without markers, special lighting, or pre-calibration. The centroid of each subject's head has been automatically determined by the system, and it has tracked their translation and rotation.

This type of analysis can be performed on data as it is acquired or as a post process, which allows us to provide 3D motion tracking data for sequences that were never intended for this purpose.

The flexibility to extract motion data for every person and object in frame, independently and without pre-preparation, means that an Photon-X equipped camera is capable of recording RGB photos and videos as normal and then extract 3D geometry, normals, and motion data as-needed after the fact.