Nanometric Imaging

    Methods utilizing nano technology to embed nano material containing encrypted non-visible undetectable data on a wide variety of media for tagging - tracking and secure documents purposes.

    Photon-X has developed a highly specialized series of printable nano technology material (3D-ink) products.

    Based on a combination of two proprietary Photon-X technologies; SPI nanometric sensors and a specialized nano material. This unique material is invisible to the unaided eye and can only be detected, identified and decoded using a Photon-X enabled scanner or camera system.

    3D Ink

    Photon-X has developed a printable nano element known as 3D Ink. This innovative, impenetrable nanometric technology provides a quantum increase in embedded data storage capacity for printed identity and security assets.

    Nano Tag ID Card
    3D Ink access badges as seen by the sensor

    3D Ink supports encrypted data across multiple formats to enable a wide range of secure code applications. These elements can be arranged to form an invisible, embedded code data set containing a high information density capacity orders of magnitude better than current systems. 

3D Nanometric Sensors

Photon-X 3D Nanometric Sensors
At the core of Photon-X 3D technologies are a series of patented SPI Sensors [...] More..

At the tagging systems core is a proprietary non-obtrusive, nano material which is easily applied and can be applied in temporary or permanent form, print or spray, paint or ink.

NanoCamPhoton-X camera with nanometric sensor

Photon-X 3D nanometric sensors are capable of detecting the nano tags and downloading data payloads from specialized tags at distances limited only by the choice and application of optical lenses.


* Passive tags
* Detectable only with Photon-X sensor
* Non-obtrusive and odorless
* Invisible to the naked eye
* Tags blend in with uniforms & accessories
* Unique identifier formats
* Unique embedded coding capability
* High density data payload capacity
* Can be used with inks, paints & liquids
* Work as decals, stickers, emblems, tints
* Multiple application methods
* Can be printed across 4 color imagery
* Permanent or degradable substrate
* Programmable timed tag degradation
* Tags detectable at long range
* Simultaneous tracking of multiple tags

Company Information

Photon-X 3D Nanometric Applications

Secure Documents
This technology will enable highly secure documents such as passports, drivers’ licenses, military or employment ID’s, security passes and credit cards. Benefits to gaming industries and financial institutions include anti-fraud and anti-counterfeiting.

Tagging, Tracking & Locating
This technology also provides unique capabilities to tag and track moving objects: vehicles, people or assets for tracking and location purposes. Applications

    TTL System Demo

    Asset and Object Tracking
    This technology enables an innovative method of tagging and tracking for objects of all sizes traveling at all speeds. Baseballs, golf balls, footballs, vehicles, people, weapons, targets and even inventory are all capable of being tagged and tracked, then analyzed in real time to extract information such as shape, spin, velocity and trajectory.


SPI 3D Sensor Based Technologies

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