3D Imaging Research

    Photon-X is dedicated to research and development in technologies that extract more information from the light around us.

    Our core technology is a proprietary Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI) Sensor which extracts three-dimensional (3D) information without scanned or structured lighting.

  • *
    True 3D sensing from single frame via single aperture, varying in size.
  • * Very high depth resolution (e.g. >10% of lateral resolution).
  • * Very high lateral resolution and high speed.
  • * Incoherent illumination (active or passive) across any band.
  • * Operation at all distances (e.g. millimeters, kilometers).
  • * Conventional “camera-like” operation, size, cost and optoelectronics.

Technology Advancements

3D Sensor Systems

To support the growing needs for assisted targeting technologies in today’s military, commercial and homeland security organizations, Photon-X offers innovative 3D sensor systems that can be integrated into existing applications to yield high-quality target information [...] More..

3D Biometric Verification Systems

With recent trends in world terrorism, our government and civilian installations need improved surveillance technologies.
Photon-X Spatial Phase Imaging technology provides a true 3D shape-based signature [...] More.. Full Suite of Multi-Modal Biometric Elements

Facial geometry, fingerprints, full case prints, iris scans and micro-expressions are all captured in one image with the Photon-X innovative SPI enabled, standoff biometric capture platform. Contact us for info

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Photon-X is located in front of Osceola Heritage Park

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Strategic Partnership Opportunities
Photon-X is seeking to develop strategic partnerships to develop practical products and/or applications based on patented Photon-X technology. Contact us for info

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